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Hiring a Professional Resume Writer – Is it worth it?

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You might’ve seen ads for professional resume writing services and wondered if it might be worth your time and money or maybe you’re a little unclear about what a professional resume writer can do for you as you transition from your time in service.

This type of asset is in your corner and she can be invaluable in your search. Generally speaking, a professional writer has a pulse on what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for. These career writers can also offer you counsel about statements that include soft skills that you might not think to highlight on your resume. When a hiring manager reads a profile or summary of qualifications, s/he is looking for a specific list of skills. If those aren’t on the forefront of your resume, your info might be passed over into the slush file.

It can be really difficult to discern what experience you had in the military is relevant to a particular job and how to best convey that to a hiring manager. Here again is where the experience of a resume writer is beneficial, especially if the writer has dedicated experience helping service members transition out of active duty.

If you decide to hire a resume writer, make sure you’re clear on his/her background. Make sure you understand why the writer chose the profession and what qualifications, certifications, and education s/he possesses. It’s becoming common practice for professional resume writers to arrange a Skype or phone call with potential new clients to get a feel for what you’ve experienced in your time of service.

Many hiring managers and resume screeners simply look at the most-current job title and industry and this can be daunting if you’re transitioning out of service. If your resume title isn’t clear for the job that you want, you’re not going to make a different in the onslaught of other resumes received.

Here’s what all professional resume writers should do: Provide a free consultation and feedback on your existing resume, give you a flat-rate quote that won’t change, and conduct a full, personal interview with you to make required changes.

To find the right fit for you, do your homework and interview prospective writers. A human resources background with a strong understanding of shifting military terms to civilian friendly language is key here. Make sure you find a writer who has been a hiring manager at some point, or who has made hiring decisions and has a lot of experience working with veterans. Be wary of anyone who claims that s/he will write a resume that can guarantee you a job. That’s not what a resume is meant to do. It’s supposed to help you get a foot in the door for interviews. It’s up to you to close the door for interviews.

Jermaine HigginsHiring a Professional Resume Writer – Is it worth it?

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